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Re: MBD10 Users - Please help

I have an MB-D10 and have a problem with it being recognized by my D300. I have my camera set up to use the MB-D10 first (I use 8 eneloops in the grip). Occasionally the camera will lose track of the the grip and start using the internal battery exclusively. I am often surprised when the camera's battery warning light comes on even though I know I have a full or near full charge in the grip....the camera wasn't supposed to be using the internal battery at all. I have to turn everything off and disconnect the grip then reassemble to get everything back to normal. And even then I might just happen again a short time later. It is a pain indeed.

It is a known problem with the camera and grip. Nikon refuses to acknowledge the problem on a corporate level...no fix that I am aware of. One explanation that I have read seems to make sense. When shooting rapidly the voltage in the grip temporarily drops below a certain threshold. When the camera senses this drop it switches to the internal battery and doesn't check the grip anymore. A fraction of a second later the voltage returns to normal in the grip but the camera has moved on .... as far as it's concerned the grip is no longer there. It seems to me that this would be a relatively simple firmware fix....just check voltage periodically if the grip appears to run out of juice.

This could be your problem or perhaps a similar issue.

John Daley wrote:


My MB-D10 has been giving me problems with intermittent functionality. The camera shows it as attached/not-attached/attached/not . . .

The default is usually un-attached and by reattaching it manually, I can get it to see it for a few frames.

I have tried all of the solutions recommended here* to no avail. In looking the unit over, I do see that one of the pins is noticeably lower than the others. Not having a unit to compare it to, I don't know if that is normal so I am asking any other users to please take a look and let me know if yours look that way. If it is not normal, then I am feeling good that it may be the culprit and I'll send it back for service.

Fresh batteries, voltmeter across the contacts to ensure full 12V charge, camera set to proper batteries, contacts cleaned.

I hope the pictures are self-explanatory, if not, just let me know.

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