Replacement for Nikon 80-400

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Re: Which is better?

Interesting question. Examining images from both at around 400mm, at 100% and 200%, I'd have to say they're close enough that I don't see a visible difference. WITHOUT the 2X, the 70-200 is sharper. WITH the 2X it's STILL extremely sharp, but the 50-500 at 400mm at 6.3 is amazingly good for a lens with a 10X zoom. At f8 or f11 I still don't see any difference.

I"ve met a couple professional bird photographers that shoot Sigma lenses (in addition to their Nikon or Canon lenses). One recently switched from the 150-500 to the 50-500 because his tests said it was sharper, and the other was complaining about some focus locking issues with his 150-500 and was ALSO thinking about switching.

Frankly, if the price is good on the 300/f4, I'd go with that and a Nikon 1.4X (I've done some testing and the Nikon is clearly better than the others I tested) and I suspect you'll be really happy.

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