Simple Vote for an OVF FF

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Simple Vote for an OVF FF

I use my a850 for product work, and to be honest in a studio setting it is a monster camera, outside of the studio it is very nice.

However last Xmas i put it in my sister's hands with the macro on in AF, and she turned the AF ring... Now all my lenses front focus SO i was looking for a backup body. I had been thinking about the a580 but it isnt available in Canada... I thought about the a77, but as you can imagine specular ghosting on high contrast areas may show up a fair bit when doing product work (imagine a diamond ring, or stainless steel product such as a coffee maker)... So i will wait to see how that pans out...

So ideally I would like to see a a900 / a850 replacement, as this way i get to get the upgrade and a backup body at the same time. I DO think this will happen, as people never thought OLY would make new flagship in a traditional sense and they did... So i do think SOny will at least make 1 more FF OVF camera for those at the top tier of their product ladder.

So, would you like to see a replacement of the a900 with the new AF system, say about 32mp (i dont really want that but hey) cleaner ISO levels, swivel screen, and using the same batteries, and grip etc?

Give me a yes if you do, no need for no's all i want to see is how fast this fills up with yesses.

Oh and here is what i mean about specular ghosting worries:


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