A77 vs A35 RAW comparison

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Re: Impressions of different cameras with true raw

I was examining IR's test shots. I chose the one with the lowest NR (-2) setting.

I looked into the pre-cooked Panny raw issue with the G3 specifically with the shots from IR, and the one that was set on NR +2 (the NR5.RW2 shots) did indeed have Panny's horrible NR processing done to the raw file. The others (NR -2 & NR 0 which are the NR1.RW2 and NR3D.RW2 shots) do not.

So I believe we are comparing apples to apples (except in the case of the D7000, which clips the noise at the dark end and does some basic individual pixel NR, not the detail destroying median kind of NR).


Marco Cinnirella wrote:

Fascinating - out of interest, did you turn off NR in the G3 menu or do you know if the G3 raws you used had NR set to + or -. because otherwise there may be raw NR going on with the G3 raws

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