Compact cameras outperforming SLR? (compare these shots)

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Compact cameras outperforming SLR? (compare these shots)

I just saw a post on a Canon forum saying that at base ISO compact cameras can outperform SLR cameras. Ha ha I thought, as I am saving up for a 5D mk2 to replace my G9 with much better picture quality (I thought).

However, go to this link
and set the drop downs to the following at base ISO:

S95 , G12 , 600D , 5D mk2

Now open the original files in Photoshop and do a fit to screen so they are all the same size. I couldn't believe it. For sharpness and clarity I ordered them:

Joint first : G12 , S95
Second : 600D
Third : 5D mk2

The difference is not subtle, no pixel peeping required. I don't understand why the £2500 camera I have been saving for is comparatively blurry against cheap compacts. 5D mk2 is supposed to be the best landscape camera which is all about sharpness and resolving detail.

Try it yourself and see what you think.

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