Still love your X1?

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Re: Still love your X1?

I own it, I use it, & I love the results it gives me. I knew its supposed limitations when I bought it and yes, I also knew at the time that the X100 was soon to be released. I don't feel my shooting is limited by the camera and I'm not at all worried it is going to fall apart in my minds. I just shoot with it and haven't felt much need to second guess my choice in the many months I've owned it. I also expect the X1 will hold me for a while longer. YMMV of course, and I guess it depends on what you are looking for/expect out of a camera these days.

I use different cameras (including a film M) for different purposes and don't feel one model has to have every feature and performance profile that my cameras collectively share - indeed, that is an impossibility at least for now. The X1 is about image quality, form factor and simplicity. I suppose I look at it as paying more in order "to get less".

The camera you choose to have in your possession/hands at any given moment is a personal decision and I understand there are many out there with X1's who regret their decision. I just don't happen to be one of them in large part because I knew what I was signing on for - warts and all.

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