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Re: EVF vs Optical

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Peter Jonas wrote:

The potential practical advantages of an EVF over an optical VF are overwhelming. I do not know how well Sony has implement this in their new A77, but the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Erm calm down! It's a viewfinder not some mega gadget!

There are some advantages but what we're on about here is being able to see your subject clearly..and EVF isn't great here.

Technology may not be able to offer all these yet with the image quality that the market demands, but historical evidence shows that technology will catch up with our imagination, and it is only a matter of a finite amount of time before we see them proliferate. EVFs are the future for sure. In my opinion within 2 to 3 years we will have EVFs that have good enough image quality, and will offer so much more than the OVFs could ever hope for. From then on it will be a one way street.

I guess that's why folks went loopy over the recent OVF cameras such as the Fuji X100

You guys better get used to the idea of EVFs. Just because they are is not good enough today does not mean they won't be that soon. And I am sure you will like them, and wonder how you got by without them before.

We don't have to get used to them I'd wager most prefer an OVF and many simply won't entertain them.

You can overlay info on EVF all you like, movie recording through the VF (the real reason it's there) I can shoot movies on my DSLR but I rarely do. Some just want a good OVF and I actually think you're wrong on a lot of things because histogram all you want sometimes you just don't have the time to do that with some shots

It's all very well having these "walking aids" but quite a few people here are experienced. Sony's hand holding EVF comes with some serious drawbacks..poor battery life. SLT compromises the IQ, the fast FPS has a small buffer meaning it's not likely to murder the sports shooters choices either.

I wouldn't even look twice at such models..thanks..no thanks

I think it would be foolish from me to enter into a debate over what is coming in the future, even though it is I think in the near future.

However, most of your objections to the EVF are based on shortcomings in today's technology, which will be overcome sooner rather than later.

It is not unlike the LP-CD debate in audio reproduction. While LP systems can be really good, only the highest quality and most expensive systems survive. For most of the public it is CDs and much worse MP3s.

We shall see ...

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