A77 vs A35 RAW comparison

Started Aug 25, 2011 | Discussions thread
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What I meant...

Amateur Sony Shooter wrote:

Not sure if I follow you (proportion), but to my eyes, A35 retains colour saturation better than A77. A77 seems bit more grayish.

A screenshot from the examples you posted:

Notice atleast the obvious shift in colours. Not a good basis to judge which one "retains saturation better".

Overall I call it a draw, so there is no high ISO advantage. Which is somewhat disappointing but not surprising, given the pixel density of 24MP.

The comment about 24MP is a non sequitur as there is no direct correlation.

People were expecting another leap in quantum efficiency over a sensor (the 16MP) that was already a frontrunner in efficiency. That's recipe for disappointment.

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