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Valid points, but I don't think Sony is aiming the NEX-7 at P&S upgraders. They have the 5N and especially the C3 for that market. The 7 is more for enthusiasts (eg. DLSR owners) looking for a smaller 2nd camera or indeed for a replacement main camera.

I agree on lenses though. They need more than one high-end lens (the Zeiss 24/1.8) that will do full justice to the 24MP sensor. The 3 current lenses are unlikely to resolve much if any difference between 16MP and 24MP I wouldn't have thought. Sure you can adapt high quality legacy glass but sometimes you just need autofocus.

davect01 wrote:

As much as I love the current NEX and love the new design of the NEX-7, I just can not see spending $1200. If you are willing to spend that much, there are some great full to mid sized DSLR's available. This puts this camera out of the range of most point and shoot owners looking for a bit more.

Part of the appeal of the original NEX was the pricing. For just a little bit more, you could step up from the point and shot world. That is what first interested me. I was originally looking at a point and shoot that was $300ish, when I saw the NEX display. For $550.00 it was a bit more than what I had planned, but still within a reasonable budget. The $1200.00 price puts this new camera clearly out of the range of all of those looking for a bit more.

I am happy to see more lenses come out, who would buy a camera sysytem for $1200.00 with only three lenses available. Even though I am not going to buy one at this point, (see what they cost on EBAY after a while), I am anxious to see the reviews and hear what this camera can do. Hopefully this camera will be stunning.
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