Hey Guys and Gals- A77 Topic

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Hey Guys and Gals- A77 Topic

I see a lot of energetic chatter already concerning hi-iso image quality from the A77. A lot of energy is being spent debating, and deciding about the A77's IQ based on images on the net right now.

I have a gentle suggestion to make, please, if I may.

I am personally holding all final opinion about the A77's image quality until final production cameras with final production firmware are in the capable hands of reviewers and testers. I would suggest, politely, that you at least consider doing the same.

After speaking with Sony several times yesterday and today, it is concluded that the image samples are all pre-production images and not final representations of the image quality we'll see on final reviews.

That said, my personal reflection on this matter goes back to 2008 when I was involved with the A900 prior to it being released to the public:

I spent time with Sony shooting the A900 with firmware that was 2 full phases from being complete IQ wise, prior to production or announcement. I'm very glad that we were not allowed (per legal contract) to show the public the images at that phase in time because quite frankly they were really- how shall I say this- unacceptable. Bah, they were horrible. Final images were much much better.

Fast forward to last night while I was reviewing images prior to questioning Sony about the images I was looking at- I had full deja vu, I had seen this before. I saw the same thing with the A900 images.

Now granted the A77's images look nicer than what I saw from the pre-production A900's I was working with, but I saw similarities in the way the images were being processed that made me question them being final production representations.

Upon asking Sony if they were, I found out that they were indeed not.

So judge if you will, but I think it would be good for all to be patient a bit, slow down, relax, and just wait for the final cameras to come - and subsequently the final say. After that, let the chips fall where they may.

Is that too unreasonable to suggest?




"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude; nothing can help the man with wrong one."
-Thomas Jefferson

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