D700 owners, are you dissatisfied?

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Richard Murdey
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D700 owners, are you dissatisfied?

The Nikon non-announcement of the D700 successor on Aug 24th gave way to a flood of the usual tirades of outrage from supposed D700 owners who apparently could not stand to use their "old as dirt" D700 another day.

I don't own one. I have used one extensively, and I own a D200 and F100.

Trying to think what life-changing improvements Nikon could reasonably be expected to implement on the next generation FX body... came up with pretty much nothing. Here is my short list:

  • the AF point could be better distributed across the viewfinder, rather than being clustered in the middle of the frame.

  • the whole package could be a little more svelte.

I doubt the expected improvements: video, pixel count, high ISO performance, would materially impact the value of the camera to most users.

I'm curious to learn is anyone out there is really, truly, honestly, frustrated by the absence of the latest tech in their ageing D700. Anyone sitting down at their PC reviewing their photos, saying "Noooo, if only I had 24 MP, that does it, if Nikon doesn't release a new camera by the end of the month I'm switching to Sony!!"


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