24MP Nikon DX : D7001

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: 24MP Nikon DX : D7001

rondhamalam wrote:

A55 shared it's sensor with D7000 then it's normal if A77 share it's 24MP sensor too.... say D7001

24MP D7001, would you buy it?

If the noise is under control, sure. The A77 pics look noisy in the shadows even at ISO 200. It will be interesting to see if the raws are a lot better. I predict they will be. Sony has some little idea of what they're doing. I was kinda hoping for better results, because the video looks really good. As far as a D400 at $2,000 is concerned, my temptation will be to go the extra few hundred bucks and get the D800 if and when. That one should be a monster.

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