Moving to Canon, 5D mk I vs mk II

Started Aug 22, 2011 | Discussions thread
canonluber Junior Member • Posts: 36
Re: Moving to Canon, 5D mk I vs mk II

The 5DMii is already dropping in price and you can get a body for less than $2K now. (see previous threads about Best Buy and check out canon's direct online store for a refurbished body) It will be better to get one 5DM2 for $2k than a (5D + 7D 60D for $2300). If I hadn't gotten a great deal on a 7D last year, I would have gotten a 5DMII. Now I'm determined to wait it out for the 5DMIII/6D so that I don't kick myself later for buying old tech when newer is right around the corner.

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