Fuji X100 vs. Sony nex-5n

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Re: Fuji X100 vs. Sony nex-5n

Hi Steve,

Oger wrote:

Sony´s announced nex 5n might be tough competition in high iso judging from the previewsamples here on DP review.
The 3200 at the end look quite clean but a little over-noise-corrected.

what do you think?

I don't think its over-noise-corrected - Actually I find the Iso3200 shots from NEX-5N pretty good. But at 1/60s and f3.5 the scene was pretty well illuminated ... its too soon to get further conclusions.

I think however that the high ISO shots from Nex-7 are over-noise-corrected ... but no miracle here, Sony had to fit more 8Mp in the same sensor size.

Sony Nex-7 has the attractive OLED EVF which seems very good and a step-forward in EVFs ??? but IMHO the 24Mp seems a bit over-pushed since they were already in short of good glass for the previous nex cameras, now its even worse... clearly noticed in the soft samples from Nex-7... they just wanted to appeal to the "megapixel hunters" making a difference to justify the extra price tag.... IMHO....



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