A77 complaints thread ..no flaming plz

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A77 complaints thread ..no flaming plz

let me get this started..the A77 is looking up to be one hell of a camera with many exiting innovating tech in it...and all though i have the A580 i am setting my sights on this one ..but nothing is perfect right?...so unlike all other threads all ready in here i just started this one to point what are the negative aspects ..

1. obvious - 500 Cipa compared to A580 1000 battery life.
2.it can go +-5ev so why not 7 or 9 bracketed shots..why just 5?

3.even sony rep admitted in the video that the mp increase came at the expense of high iso ...a shame...yes its great but it could have been much more greater and its a shame.

4.buffer size....really???? my A580 can go 43 jpegs with full res or over 60 with 8mp till buffer fills and 20 ish raws...( on a side note i hope that if i use less res the buffer will jump up accordingly ) - this is the "biggest" issue i have with this cam as it is 12fps after all so in less than a sec and a half ur done .not to mention raws.
5.no option to cancel NR only play between 3 levels.

6.the VF while superb im sure is not sticking out of the cam as the A55 is thus probably is what the reviewers claimed that "when its bright out side the VF looks dim and u have to cap it"

7.still the same noise routine as stated by reviewers to be outdated for a while now.
8 Size--- this one i leave to u as this is totally a subjective matter.

the last one is a question more than a negative point.

9.Weather sealing - sony is too fuzzy about that..is it dust and moisture proof or not?

Still superb..still want to buy this ..just wish the above was different .

what are your issues???


i think i know now why the buffer is so small ..see the sample gallery ..some of the files there are 18mb !! ..thats over 3 times my A580 normal files...

so i might have something to do with just picking a lesser settings..my A580 jpeg is already 350 dpi at fine quality ..

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