Airshow photos - Which camera ... your opinion please

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Re: Airshow photos - Which camera ... your opinion please

I have both cameras and I use my 40D for airshows. Image wise I don't think you will find much difference using the same lens after cropping the 5D images. The 40D will handle the event better, plus it's also lighter and less costly to operate per actuation..

mike cooper wrote:

I have attended the Chicago Air and Water show for several years and have taken photos with my 10D and the 100-400L lens. I recently purchased the 5D Mark II. I also have access to a 40D. I am pretty sure the 10D and 40D have a slightly faster fps but not by much and clearly the 5D has a much higher resolution.

I typically shoot JPGs but I do change to RAW for a few.

Looking for your opinion - which camera would you bring for this years show ... 5D Mark II, 10D, or 40D?



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