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Re: they advertised the old ones the same way

Jim Cockfield wrote:

But, feel free to buy some and try them in a RAID Setup and let us know what you find out. Based on their track record with the old models, I sure wouldn't trust that they'd work that way.

Many have done just fine. I'm past two years with a mixture of drives on a Sun ZFS solution. (Though I will be looking up that load cycle counter you wrote about).

A key though - I did not use the data drives for the OS. I instead used a 160gb laptop drive (and on the next one, it will be a SSD of course and complete remove this concern). Part of the incentive for this is that I can easily put these drives in another sun system and have the data online in 60 seconds. But obviously the other motivation is to prevent constant wakeups. (BTW, WD does talk about strategies to slow down the number of writes, but I think it's a losing battle)

The only downside to this approach is you lose one of your SATA ports, which are finite on the MB if you want to raid 1 everything. And two ports if you want to mirror the OS disk as well. So I always ensure my MB choices come with 5 or 6 ports.

The biggest problem I had was that the motherboard,chipset,OS,and 300Mbit default setting on the 1 and 2 TB drives didn't play well together. Just trying to online the drive was going to take a couple days, with numerous seek errors. I ended up setting the 150 Mbit jumper and all was fine. Not sure if it is still a concern - my new toybox based on Sandy Bridge isn't supported by Solaris yet.

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