NIKON P500 focussing problem !! PLZZZZ HELP

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Re: NIKON P500 focussing problem !! PLZZZZ HELP

aghatole wrote:

BELT_FED wrote:

Sounds like its set on contious focus mode with the "center" being the set focal point.. but I'm new also and could be wrong

I tried that too. My cam is never on center focus mode. I like to play with positioning of the subject so point of focus is seldom at the center. the problem still persists

BELT_FED did not write "center focus", he tried to explain that if the camera is set for continuous focusing it will do exactly what you're describing. See page 101 of the P500 manual. It shows that the default AF mode is Single AF, and you can also set it to Full Time AF, where :

The camera focuses continuously until the shutter release button is pressed down halfway. Use with moving subjects. A sound will be heard while the camera focuses.

You previously wrote :

If we half press the click button the camera should focus on the subject and then lock itself at this location. My cam keeps on focussing the point in front of it(theres a sound that the lens keep on making) even if the subject moves away.

If the P500 operates as my P100 does, it works as the quote from the P500 manual describes. Are you sure that you're not releasing pressure on the shutter button after it focuses? If you do let up on the pressure, the camera should resume autofocusing continuously (making the sound that you heard), and it only locks focus and keeps it locked (allowing a focused subject to walk away for a moment and then return to his position) while the shutter button remains half-pressed.

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