18-55m+55-250mKits or Tamron 18-270m?

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Re: 18-55m+55-250mKits or Tamron 18-270m?

coffeeman wrote:

Pit123 wrote:

For general shooting, unless you need the tele end, I would go for the 15-85.

To illustrate the amazing focal range of the 18-270 combined with a high density camera (18 mb APS-C) look at this:

What you see on top is a 100% center crop (wide open) when the lens is combined with a 1.4 TC (Kenko Pro 300). The red arrow points to the same house using the wide 18mm end of the lens (without TC)


jesus dude, thats is amazing.. I am sold on that picture a lone..
so that pic was without a tele converter?
wow stunning..
but why go for the 15-85? not really any reach...

The 15-85mm is a little sharper if you print large or pixel peep. However, I think more important: it is quite a lot wider. So unless you really need the long reach, I would take the 15-85 for general shooting.

But for a small lightweight all in one trekking package, the Tammy will now be my choice.

ps, nice pad you got there dude...


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