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Re: new P&S are still digic iv

bronxbombers wrote:

Le Kilt wrote:

bronxbombers wrote:

JackM wrote:

bronxbombers wrote:

rumors are 24MP, 6-7fps, 45pt AF for D800

I think you meant 51pt? If Canon doesn't come close to that, I'd consider switching. Pity that I'd have to sell my practically new 70-200/2.8II and new 35L, and that the Nikkor 70-200/2.8VR is even bigger than the Canon.

But I suppose if the 5DIII is just a 5DII with 7D AF and 5fps, I'll half-heartedly stay. :-/

rumors now sound like no DSLR from canon this year other than at best some 1 series

maybe D800 specs made them rethink their 5D3 hah, I almost could believe this to be the case, i could see canon having planned a 32MP, 4fps, 15pt af with no dedicated 1 series af chip for 5D3

or maybe they are planning to spring a stunning surprise with the 5D3 and keeping it more quiet then ever before?

Whatever FF comes out next should raise a lot of interest. I bet on the 1Ds Mk IV next, as otherwise a 5D Mk III would most likely be better in resolution and IQ than the current 1Ds, anb we couldn't have that now, or could we...?

i was surprised the new P&S for this fall are digic iv
shocked kinda

Does a DiGiC V even exist? Has there been any announcement other than just some sort of wishfull thinking in the rumor sites?
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