Need some help with 7D focus and settings.

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Use manual mode, not Av or Tv

I haven't seen anyone explain this here yet, so I'll take a crack at it. Av or Tv with flash is more for fill light rather than using the flash as your primary light source. These settings are to be used where the ambient light is still sufficient to get a decent exposure with no blurring (think outdoors on a sunny day where you're trying to fill in shadows).

For most indoors or night use, you should be using the flash in M (or manual) mode. The ETTL will attempt to automatically adjust the flash intensity to yield a correct exposure, assuming you've provided enough aperture and/or ISO for the flash to properly illuminate your subject. You can set the exposure to 1/60-1/250 and aperture as needed to get the DOF you're looking for. Then, just point and shoot. If your subject is still insufficiently lit, then you may have to crank up the ISO, with the assumption that your flash is firing at full power and still unable to achieve a proper exposure. The same technique should work for bounced flash or direct.

Suggest you start with that and let's see if you get better results.

dpresken wrote:

Recently I have been having some focus issues and settings problems with my shots. Yesterday I was taking some shots indoors and a lot of the pics had problems. I was using the bounce flash which itself caused a problem. Here are the problems I see looking back through them.

Av: Set at 5 but it was shifting the exposure time to very low values and shots came out blurry 1/15 - 1/40 second exposures, it rarely adjusted the iso.

Tv: Tried settings from 1/50 up to 1/250 but the aperture settings were then shifted to 1.4 - 2 and again shots ended up blurry.

Flash: when it fired every shot was extremely washed out. Does the camera not recognize that a flash is firing and adjust for it? My old 350D never had a problem when firing with the flash but a lot of my shots from the 7D are very blown out.

Focus: Have the camera set to one shot and 9 point center weighted and the photos taken on Tv setting have the main subject in the center and I cannot find anything in the photo that is sharp. I have no clue was it was focusing on.
Iso: was set to Auto the whole time.
How does the camera choose which settings get priority?
Examples of my problems. - auto focus showed a focus point roughly where his shoulder is. - bounce flash facing 45 degrees backwards completely washed out this shot.

Does the camera not choose settings based on if a flash will fire (turned on/off)?

I do not have a real lightmeter but I used the one on my phone (better than nothing) and it suggested 1/100 and f5 which is why I was shooting with those two settings in Tv and Av.

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