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Problems in RAID setups, too

In addition to problems with excessive load cycle counts in some setups because the drive firmware is designed to park the heads after 8 seconds of inactivity to save power, resulting in a condition where you may see constant parking/unparking of drive heads if the OS is reading or writing to the drive frequently (as in about every 30 seconds with many linux setups), there are also issues using many WD Green Drives with many RAID setups.

Here's one thread on the subject.

Basically, many RAID setups will remove drives from arrays if they are not responsive due to problems caused by drive firmware timeout values.

On the surface, most of these issues (excessive load cycle counts, compatibility with RAID) appear to be caused because WD is trying to make their Green drives "too smart", versus leaving more of the power saving features to the Operating Systems and associated drivers and software (letting them handle things like spinning down drives after inactivity versus letting drive firmware handle it the way WD is trying to do with some of their Green Drives).

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