In Canon S95, why the largest size for JPEG is only 1.6MB?

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Re: In Canon S95, why the largest size for JPEG is only 1.6MB?

Mark Ma wrote:

I just got my Canon S95, but I found the largest size for JPEG (L and lower compression) is only 1.6MB. I called Canon support and the tech support guy checked the manual and said it is indeed about 2MB for the largest size. I still doubt about it. My 18-meg T2i produces about 10MB at its largest JPEG. If the calculation is based on proportion, then this 10-meg Canon S95 should produce 6MB at its largest JPEG. I need fellow Canon S95 users to tell me whether the technicial says is right.

There is no right or wrong because a JPEG varies in size depending on the content.

From my recent vacation, my S95 has JPEGs varying from 1.4MB up to 4.8MB, all shot at the same size and compression (highest).

My 60D has a set of JPEGs on it that vary from 1.1MB to 11.7MB, again all shot at identical highest quality settings.

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