Question about upsizing, cropping...

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Re: Question about upsizing, cropping...

MasterOfGoingFaster wrote:
First you say:

It is impossible to resize an image without in some way resampling it.

Now you say:

If the image is 3600x2880 pixels, and it is printed at 360 dpi it will be 10" by 8". If it is printed at 300 dpi it will be 12"x 9.6" unless it is resampled. The only way it will still be 10"x8" at 300 dpi is if it is in fact resampled to a size of 3000x2400 pixels.

You totally contradict yourself. Thank you for making my exact point.

My work is done here.

There is no contradiction. And there also doesn't seem to be much that I can do to help with your confusion. I'm sure that what was said there makes sense to most people, and I see no point in repeating it over and over if you don't want to make the effort to understand it.

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