Best lens in the 15-85 range

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Re: Best lens in the 15-85 range

linzybel wrote:

I haven't played with either lens you mention, but I'm confused about one thing. Isn't the Canon 15-85 (3.5) only one-half f/stop slower than a lens that's a 2.8 ? And if Canon's IS is worth 3 or 4 f/stops, why would there be such a vast difference in image quality?

The 15-85 is f/3.5 only at the wide end. The f/stop increases with increasing focal length, and is f/5.6 at the long end. And there isn't a vast difference in image quality between these two lenses--IQ is very similar, both excellent. As for IS, it's no substitute for a faster lens if you're trying to shoot moving subjects (like people) in low light.

So, if you want to shoot people (or other moving subjects) in low light without a flash, the 17-55 is definitely a better choice than the 15-85. (Although I would argue that if you really want to shoot people in low light without a flash, you're best off with a fast prime.)

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