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Re: Some practical X100 opinion after usage

Yes, I think that would help, the optical vf has the parallax problem on portrait distances and so it likely take focus from background left behind the face even if you point it dead on the face. The closer, the worse is the error. The through the lens evf has no paralax.

I must also confess that I also had an assignment in EU to shot an "about movie" docs and I used X100 and that was actually a looong stretch. At that moment I wished I had at least Alpha, k5 or 5dMK2 or anything real dslr. The pics come up pretty cool after tons of cropping, but frankly I had to work much, much harder than it was necessary - it simply isn't easy to move on the busy set to get a good frame shot and not to be constant bother to the crew. And the focusing of X100 became a constant issue, constant, you have only a sec to get that exact moment, expression, where everybody is dynamic doing what they do and the X100 will constantly try to fail you on this like a clockwork. Can be done, I did it, but here the X100 is all wrong cam.

As for previous post, the focus speed in comparison to other similar cameras, the short path speed doesn't feel slower than the crop of standard 4/3 like the EPL/EP/N100 etc.

If you get the runners like NEX or panasonics then yes, you do have to appreciate what their devs did there. (Curiously I bought sony hx100 for my wife and it is truly shocking how fast/accurate is the focusing and it has 30x zoom)

The major slowness came apparent when X100 doesn't lock focus, so you have to reframe and refocus. It is my experience that most other similar cameras will lock correct focus with a little more probability. (I really mean only little more often)
Focusing is issue and the only major I would really pay money to fix on X100.

All the other negative things on x100 are just nuisances that may bother you here and there but not really lessen the photo experience and are mainly a curiosity (like Auto ISO option in completely different menu tree than every other ISO setting? Reason?)

I love the images from the X100 from my trip. 100%.

I love images from 5DMM2 more but then nobody will make me to take it on such a trip unless they will pay me to do it. Can't even stuff it in most hotel safes.

I am going to rockies on west coast in few days and so taking A55 because of the really friendly 18-250 sony zoom lens and I already have my doubts about the size of it. And that is just a fraction of 5DMK2 with a good lens! But it is just the right thing for this trip unfortunately. A 23mm lens in rockies ? I will get only a belly of a grizzly bear....

So the X100 is absolutely great traveller camera for a long trips, if you want a camera always with you, without bogging you down and without looking like a National Geographic wannabe.

Honestly, if you ask me would I rather take any other camera with me for that trip, anything at all, I would have to honestly say no. It was the perfect cam, I had it always on my neck anywhere I went.

But as i said previously for dynamic assignment, choosing x100 feels like choosing bike where everybody rides on motorcycles. So make no mistake about this, it aint dslr.

polymathic wrote:

Great write up.

About the AF and friends... My solution is to switch the camera first to AF-C and have the EVF on. In that case, I've found that others were able to focus, too, as long as you tell them to point the crosshair at what they want to focus on.

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