Best lens in the 15-85 range

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Re: Best lens in the 15-85 range

I can speak to the 15-85 and to a lesser extent the current Sigma 17-50/2.8. I had the 15-85 for about 4 months, and loved it except for one thing that turned out to be a deal breaker for me. Its use for close-up portraits was sporadic... even more so in low light. I found that I was not getting shots with the 15-85 that I was with my previous sigma 18-50/2.8 (non-OS, first version). Losing that 2/3- 2 stops always had me choosing between using a flash (which I prefer not to), objectionably high ISOs, or the chance of motion blur if my subject moved (usually kids do!). I noticed a tendency to miss focus in low light at close focus distance as well... maybe an artifact of not being able to use the precision 2.8 focus point of my camera. If realize that a fast prime is the ideal lens for this application, but I find a 2.8 standard zoom is serviceable in this regard, while the 15-85 was not. Other than that, it is a fantastic lens... I am sure I will miss its versatility when I travel, but I just could not deal with so many missed shots of my kids and decided the Sigma was a better option for me... so far, so good.

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