Frog Shots high iso- S100FS

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Re: Frog Shots high iso- S100FS

jjlad wrote:

and now I'm correcting myself. I had focused on the eyes too much. Now that I see the shadow areas ..under the frogs arms and where shadows are falling accross the chair etc., I see the high ISO noise and artifacting I was expecting. So perhaps the detail I see in the eyes is actually a bit of noise and artifacting that is adding to the appearance of clarity ...those lovely flecs in the eyes.

It becomes especially evident as the bottom part of the 2nd last photo at ISO3200 is compared to the top part of the last photo at ISO100 when both are enlarged.
So the camera didn't lie after all.
And by the way ...they are great frog photos.

It is a beautiful looking frog imho.

And you are correct. High ISO in good light and on suitably varied/textured surfaces does not reveal the noise that would otherwise be there in low light/low contrast situations or homogenous fields of color/tone. The flash and the frog's skin both serve to mask the impact of high ISO.

But it's quite apparent how much noise there is/can be if you peer into the shadows of the first image as I stated in my post.

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