For an A35/A55 - Sony or Tamron all in one zoom lens

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Post Processing: DxO support Sony lenses...

If it's important to you, that is.

I'm just starting to look at DxO, so I'm sure no expert. It would sure be nice to have a single place to adjust for the crazy distortion that you get at 18 sometimes.

Just something else to think about.

I have a Sigma 18-200 that I've had since my KM 7D... absolutely love that lens for traveling. Warts and all. Would love to move up to a 250.

Check out the reviews on , they are a GREAT source of info on A mount lenses.
overall ratings: 4.44
sharpness rating: 4.27
color rating: 4.62
build rating: 4.77
distortion rating: 4.23
flare control: 4.31
total: 13 reviews
overall ratings: 4.29
sharpness rating: 4.38
color rating: 4.49
build rating: 4.35
distortion rating: 3.92
flare control: 4.31
total: 51 reviews
overall ratings: 4.45
sharpness rating: 4.25
color rating: 4.50
build rating: 4.50
distortion rating: 4.50
flare control: 4.50
total: 2 reviews

Good luck!


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