AF DC Nikkor Battle: 105mm vs 135mm on FX

Started Aug 19, 2011 | Discussions thread
calson Veteran Member • Posts: 8,414
forget about the specs - focus on how you will use it to take pictures

The 105mm is sharper but that has nothing to do why I bought that version of Nikon's DC lenses. How sharp do you want a portrait lens to be in the first place? Want every blemish and every wrinkle to be easily visible?

I picked the 105mm as I know from my own experience with the 85mm on a DX camera, which has the FOV of a 135mm lens with this size sensor, that 135mm is too long for indoor use in terms of the subject to camera distance needed.

Take a 70-200mm and photograph someone with it indoors and use it at the 135mm focal length and you will get a clear picture of whether or not you find this to be a limitation.

When I shot film I loved the 105mm focal length and found it most nearly approximated the mental FOV or what I mentally took in from viewing a scene. As a photographer one learns to alter the perspective and to see more than what is immediately obvious. But on the other hand when photographing people it seems to me to be the most "natural" focal length to use on a 35mm or full frame digital camera.

Others no doubt felt the same way as 105mm was a commonly used focal length in the days of film whereas very few photographers opted to use the readily available 135mm lenses.

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