Is FZ100 Replacement Now Just Wishful Thinking?

Started Aug 21, 2011 | Discussions thread
Steve82 Senior Member • Posts: 2,911
Re: Is FZ100 Replacement Now Just Wishful Thinking?

Vandyu wrote:

But, as many, including myself, have argued, there is a place for the quality superzoom and a decent market for it.

The advantanges/disadvantages/cost of CCD vs CMOS may be coming into play. Several years ago, Canon broght out nearly identical cameras, one with CMOS and one with CCD. Since then, I think that they have been using CCDs in their superzoom models. I wonder if Panny is doing the same thing. Has anyone seen any on-line discussion with the manufacturers on this?

But we need a better definition of "quality superzoom" and "decent market" before we can go very far down this line of discussion. Panasonic might claim that they are already producing as much "quality" as the "market" is willing to pay for.

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