Old 5MP camera + manual lens : sometimes enough!

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Re: Old 5MP camera + manual lens : sometimes enough!

More great shots from old lenses on older cameras.

Firm believer that the captured image is the nain reason for taking pictures and the gear used is secondary.

I am not a big fan of the throw away crowd and like to keep old stuff working, so I am just getting started with the use of Legacy Lenses on my E series cameras.

I have a E-1 and the little e420 cameras.

Back in my film days I had just about every film format/size. I had finished my apprenticeship at Graflex Inc. and guess I had owned or used just about every film format there was. So I guess in my past I was very much a gear collector.

But when slide film became popular I went thru many cameras both in the 828 and 35mm sizes. Many different manufactures. I ended up with a Minolta XD-11 which had a 50mm f/1.4 lens as its normal, along with a couple of zooms and a wide angle. All this gear was in a hard case. Anyway, when I downsized the house and moved here to a quite small apartment, all my old film gear( no longer had a darkroom etc.) was either sold or given away and I went into digital.

Been following all posts here on this forum with regard to legacy lenses and as luck would have it, I ran into the guy who I sold all my old Minolta stuff to. He told me that he still has the gear and has never used it, did I wish to buy it back?

I have on order from China, a adapter MD to 4/3 with the idea of using the Minolta Rokkar 50mm f 1.4 on the E-1, to just get started. I have been reading where this combo gives great results on portraits etc. I know that this lens always worked very well on the XD-11.

Also I have been in touch with a person who is using the Minolta Rokkar 45mm F2.0 pancake lens, which is fairly cheap on eBay and at KEH. I hope to use this lens on the e420. Should be great for a walk around lens, or for flower shots etc.? It also should be size wise, similar to the setup of using the Olympus 25mm pancake on the e420, but with an effective FL of 90mm?

This legacy lens project is another means for me to enjoy my present gear. I have the 14-54 mk1, the two kit lenses, 14-42 and 40-150 plus the Olympus 70-300 lens, so it is not a mater of not having enough lenses. I also have a bunch of great Olympus P&S cameras,(most of the classics) so as I mentioned above, Legacy Lenses on the e series DSLR is another way to enjoy the hobby.

Any tips etc from the Legacy Lens users?

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