C-mount lens test

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C-mount lens test

I've read about C-mount lenses here. For example, this thread http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1041&message=38993618

I work in machine vision industry and in warehouse I found quite a few old C-mount lenses that were used/tried in previous projects and are also used for current camera tests.

These I only borrowed for this weekend to try. I took all lenses with aperture faster than F2.0. Most didn't fully screw in but I could not mod them, these are not mine.

I got Fotodiox C-mount to m4/3 adapter. The diameter of the hollow on this adapter is 36-36.5mm, pretty standard, I think, there is no room for more.


1. Tiny noname 12mm F1.8. It only says "Japan lens" on barrel. This is the only lens that focused to infinity because it fully fit into adapter hollow.

2. Fujinon 35mm F1.7. This is the only lens that covered full view of 4/3 sensor (too bad it's expensive, I only found it on eBay from Poland, $179 plus $33 shipping). Longest focus - 1.5-2 feet. Needs a lot of metal work to fit. Barrel diameter - 46mm, 2mm need to be cut in depth to fit 36mm hollow. Has straight hexagon aperture blades and can make hexagon bokeh - fun.

3. Cosmicar 12.5mm F1.8. Didn't really work. Longest focus distance - maybe 3 inches. But see one close-up photo, it has some potential, I think.

4. Toyo Optics 12.5-75mm zoom F1.8. Sorta worked. Longest focus distance varied depending on focal length. Widest zoom - didn't work, only few inches longest it could focus. Long zoom - max focus distance extended to 6-7 feet and it actually was useful. There is a sad glare on the photos. I didn't see it first, but later I was able to get rid of it by using screw-in lens hood. But it's unfortunately there on the test shots.

I attach few photos that I made. This is my son and it was a lot of fun to see him like this through these lenses. I will continue this. Maybe I'll get few inexpensive lenses on eBay, or use some lenses from work while it's appropriate.

Also album is in the end. Nothing is cropped and all shots are made with full aperture except one Fujinon shot at F4 to show hexagon bokeh near the center. It's just for fun.

Toyo Optics at 60mm



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