18-55m+55-250mKits or Tamron 18-270m?

Started Aug 21, 2011 | Discussions thread
ChiliFrei64 Regular Member • Posts: 101
Re: 18-55m+55-250mKits or Tamron 18-270m?

Although I haven't owned the 18-270mm, I did own the 18-200 tamron and have recently sold it for the 18-55 and 55-250 because the image quality was better going this route. Looking at the charts for the 18-270, it is light years greater than the 18-200 and with that said I probably would not have swapped if I had that lens.

One thing I miss a lot is the ability to NOT have to change lenses when going from in my house to outdoors. You always have the extra reach available, no matter where you are. VERY convenient. I'm always fumbeling with my lenses these days and it starting to get annoying.. but I'm saving up for the 24-105 so hopefully I'll get that soon.

But for your scenario.. I'd go with the 18-270 if I were you.

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