Archive to DVD still smart?

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DVDs are not an archival medium

Current DVD's are not good for archiving data as the data layer that is burned is not sealed the way it is with CD's. Even with an archival gold CD the life depends on environmental factors and most damage comes from moisture. CD's should be stored on edge (vertically) in jewel cases for longest life, and stored in a cool dry location, with the accent on dry.

There is a new type of DVD which was recently announced that claims a life of 1000 years which is going to be an improvement but with the understanding that DVD readers are not likely to be common 20 years from now any more than readers for 8", 5.25" 1.44 floppy discs or Syquest tapes or many DAT tape formats or even IDE hard drives. In that very real sense no current electronic device or its media is truly archival which is why the Library of Congress and similar institutions still rely on paper and film.

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