balancing color temperature in interior architectural photography

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Re: Gels

You can buy sheets or sample strips at B&H. I choose the sheets about $35.00 and cut bigger squares to go over flash heads and attachment grids just a little velco tap to hold them on The package comes with a color temp sheet to explain things and then I just used a fine tip marker to write the color temp on each gel COlor temp meters are high the cheapest one I have seen was over $1200.00 US

YOu can also check a light store or on line for CFL bulbs in different tempertures I always take 6 4100 K bulbs with me and change out lamps in a room shoot flash at flash at flass setting and the lamps still have asmall yelllo tint with out over doing it. To me it is what my brain seees in a room because we auot adjust to what we belive the light should be in our brains.

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