Nikon D90 or D5100 spec comparison

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Re: Nikon D90 or D5100 spec comparison

LensLineup wrote:

I completely dismissed the D5000 due to the odd limitation of its rear LCD angle

It depends a lot on how and what you shoot. I came to the D5000 from a Canon S3 which has the same side articulation as the D5100 and was amazed to see how quickly I not only got used to flipping down rather than to the side, but that a actually prefer it bottom-hinged.

With the D5000 I only have to flip down the display 90 degrees both for shooting and for image review.

With the D5100 hinged at the side I would have to open it up to around 180 degrees. Which has the advantage that you can use it for self portraits even on a tripod, but it also sticks out and is less discrete. I have heard people say the display of the D5000 wouldn't open enough on their tripods. I have never had a problem with mine.

I guess it is very much a matter of personal preference. Either is a huge benefit over a fixed display, and if for nothing else at least for screen protection without putting an extra plastic cover or film over the wonderful 900.000 pixel display.

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