Some practical X100 opinion after usage

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Some practical X100 opinion after usage

I went for few months to europe and took the x100. I had been on many places, like normandy, paris, st. mt. michel, giverny, brussels, vienna etc. I took about 7000 pictures only in france

Some observation:

-The battery is actually pretty good, just don't have it on the quick on. You can actually go few days on a battery when switching on/off and with preferred daily charging - absolutely no problem.

-The image quality is as good as if I took a good DSLR with me. Consistently lively image, consistently well exposed, despite the fact that it was a rainy season in france!

-it is indeed very sharp and you can crop without much thinking of degradation.

-renders foliage extremely well, just don't use the velvia

-It is stealth! Even in places where they don't like you to take pics. Most of the people think you are just some old weirdo with an old film camera that probably doesn't work.

-Yet the quality in dark places like museums, churches, castles, the result is as if taken with a considerable heavy gear. In fact I would be hard pressed to tell which of my other cameras would perform equally well in galleries. A very clean, noise free reproduction with fine, sharp detail, you can se each paint stroke on a painting.

I did similar thing for paintings with 5DMK2 and that obviously does outperforms X100, but beside that I don't really know if anything else would give as smooth and clean and sharp reproduction of painting in a gallery without your own light. It is like I don't need to buy a poster,I can just snap one.

  • it is really light, you can carry it whole day on your neck without even thinking of it.

-not need for zoom at all, still I would prefer a wee bit wider because you not always have enough space to go far enough

  • note to myself - next time bring C-POL

-it seems to be enough water repellent for the regular daily rain or in other way water doesn't have many obvious way in and a casual precaution is enough to keep it running. It was raining all the time.

  • focusing, oh well, in run of thousands photos, X100 will give you far more out of focus images than any good dslr. The major problem is to do a quick snapshot portrait. You will loose many good moments because of the camera inability to focus correctly or fast enough.

-the minimal focus distance is really too long. It is on the edge of a good closeup portrait distance, which means you may be able to focus or not and you need to backup a little, try again or switch to macro or manual. Incidentally that dance really does enforce the impression that you carry and old film camera and you need to fiddle with it or move yourself back few times to snap just a simple portrait. It also prevent you to take quick shots of moment faces, unless you convince the people to "hold the expression" for a pretty while.

  • you can't ask someone to take picture of you because the will make it reliably out of focus in 90% of time. Nearly all pictures taken by friends or others are out of focus.

  • the speed dial gets turned accidentally from time to time and I do have few images taken with 1/4000 thanks to it.

  • only one person during the 3 months trip recognized it for what it is, so it is largely unknown and anonymous and give impression of some uninportant camera, which is good

  • there is hardly any chance someone will grab the camera from your neck and run (nobody really recognize it as a modern camera worth money), thief looks for the obvious big lens package.

-we took other small cameras (like e-pl1) and the x100 pics stand out and are immediately recognizable especially when bad weather is concerned. Similarly to a good dslr, even in bad weather the image will look lively (the images form epl1 on the other hand look muddy or sad in bad weather)

Final thoughts: as a camera for long travel, this is absolutely great. It is hardly noticeable by you carrying it and others noticing it. Only very few times I wished I had dslr, mostly when I wanted some reaction shots of faces. (but I would not like to carry a dslr day after day).

I didn't miss zoom at all, but I would love to have a bit wider lens. Battery is fine, I never run out in the middle of the day and I was taking pics constantly.
It isn't attractive to thiefs.

Except the minimal focusing distance and slower focusing on portraits the camere never missed a beat, constantly delivering great shots.

Hope this helps someone when deciding if to get the camera.

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