Canon T3 vs Canon T1i vs Nikon D3100

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Re: Canon T3 vs Canon T1i vs Nikon D3100

I would prefer the T1i out of this lot, since it was meant to be competitive with the D5000 and is one step above the other two. That being said, I think that the bit extra money for the T2i would be worthwhile, for that improved sensor.

However, most importantly when buying a camera brand, Canon vs Nikon,

1. Go to the store and try them out, see which one is the most comfortable to hold and operate.

2. Do research and read reviews on the entire lens line. A body will be out dated in a few years, but lenses do not and you will be investing into the brand. Figure out which brand has the lenses you want at the price point that you will most likely be buying at in the future.

Also know that lower end Nikons do not have in camera AF motors, which would be fine if all Nikon lenses had their own motors, however they don't and this may cost you more money.

I would recommend the T2i or the D5000/D5100.

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