New Pens ...focus champs?

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Re: New Pens ...focus champs?

BamaPanda wrote:

Just looking for opinion on the focusing accuracy of the new Pens. I know they are fast ..but are they accurate?

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Many seem to accept Oly claim of fastest AF as did DPR without even proving it. However recent comparative shootout by ephotozone showed that GF3 AF speed matched that of EP3 at every point ie 0.2 sec at wide and tel end even when using Olys new IR kit zoom lens and the Pany does not even recognize IR to obtain those speeds.

As for accuracy there have been several posts in this forum indicating that the new Oly AF system as most systems has greater trouble locking on focus in dim light situations especially if beyond the illuminator range. Most reports I have seen on AF are only in good to average light conditions.

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