London. Shooting in public spaces.

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Re: London. Shooting in public spaces.

Hi Jules

My reading of this video is that the situation for street photographers has markedly improved in recent months and the Police are taking a much more appropriate line.

Private security guards can be a different matter.

As to the riots, living as I do two hundred yards from one of the incidents I think I have some valid observations as follows.

The Sony warehouse that was torched is close to me. I, together with a number of other spectators went to see it. I take panoramas, so pretty much everything around me, my tripod and the lumbering panoramic head and camera gets in the shots.

I did not have one issue with the Police that day. There were Police lines which were enforced I imagine for crime scene purposes, but they were completely polite. The fireman damping down the scene practically posed for me and took time to explain the various pumps.

The only issue I had was with a Canadian reporter who walked into my shot and then said I should have got her permission to photograph her.

There then followed a brief introduction to UK law for her! There is no right of privacy in a public place!

I'm working on the shots for a documentary next year, so no, no images at this time.



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