Why Are Larger Pixels on Camera Sensors Better?

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Re: Why Are Larger Pixels on Camera Sensors Better?

peter ellner wrote:

Think of it this way, a larger photosite captures more light, yes, but it also captures light from more angles

This may be true in theory (though I'm not even sure of that) but in practice, each pixel is so small that to think of 'angles' is misleading. Think of it more like this : on your TV picture, isolate one single dot on the screen. How much of the total image is that giving you? Effectively nothing recognisable, as it's the total of millinos of dots together that produce the TV picture, not one single dot.

Therefore the effectiveness of that dot in relation to the whole, and the combined effect of that, is what counts. So if a 'dot' is noisy and inefficient, then increase or decrease its size until it is the optimum.

But yes, resolution is determined by the total number of pixels, that part is true. The question is, do you want a massively poor resolution, or a lower but higher quality resolution? I know which I'd go for.

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