Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

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Re: Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

First, thank you all for the help. I read a lot and considered all suggestions. From dozens of posts here and elsewhere I have boiled down the following process to clean and prevent clogging. In the last four weeks I have cleared my nozzles with just the cleaning cycles from powering up the printer four times and printing nozzle check patterns four times. I did the cleaning drops once a week for three weeks. After three weeks I had almost all the nozzles clear. Now at about 4 weeks they are all clear. This is not a fast clean process.


Mix 85% distilled water, 10% Vodka, and 5% ammonia then use eye dropper to apply 2-3 drops to the pads under the nozzle parking area. I also put 1-3 drops on the spikes that sticks up into the ink cartriges.


I made a cover that fits tightly over my printer from 60 mil plastic sheet. I condidered using a large zip lock bag like the clothing vacuum bags but found they are difficult to get on and off. To increase humidity I got two old plastic 35mm film cans and put sponge inside. I drilled some 3/16 in holes in the tops and added straight Vodka. They are placed in the printer next to the next to the print head/ink transport. The two cans are still soggy after 2 weeks and that's about when I added more Vodka. I have a remove-before-printing flag that is draped outside to remind to remove the cans before powering up the printer.

So, I am using Vodka to keep my heads clear

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