Warning re: Windoze Restore Point use!!!!

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Warning re: Windoze Restore Point use!!!!

Something unexpected has just reared its ugly head. A colleague, who is a pro structural steel designed of high repute, had a problem with problem messages appearing after a driver update on some specialist hardware he uses, so he decided to use System Restore to step back to a RP before those updates happened.

What happened then is worrying. He discovered that files he had worked on the day before - and remember this is high grade design work - had been changed back (No - don't ask, I don't know why or even how) to those at the time of the Restore point, thus not showing all his updated work changes since.

Fortunately, like me, he has a robust backup constantly running on to an external HDD and was able to restore the latest versions from those BUT the question is, where did Windoze get the old files from and why were they even changed? Where were they anyway to be able to replace updated files?

A rather worrying aspect of the Restore function I feel as I had always assumed that only Windoze operating system files - like say the Registry and so forth - would be restored (the message when using Restore states that user files will not be affected, which is clearly incorrect and states to close programmes running and make backups - but the working files, on another HDD, were already saved automatically as he works, as are the backups too. also on yet another HDD), not actual user files - which incidentally are housed on another drive to the one the OS sits on.

Anyone got any comments as I feel this severly casts doubts on the use of Windoze Restore function if it changes user files in this way. Somewhat dangerous to say the least.

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