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Sony DSC R2

Hi Folks,

it is August, a month bigger manufacturers really like to release press news about their new products.

Understanding that an upgrade to the famous R1 has been in the forums before R1 itself started shipping, so late 2005, I think it is a good time to discuss about it again.

Sony has made an impressive product development within this six years, both in DSLR segment (after acquiring Minolta camera division), and also in many new segments, such as the mirrorless aps-c size cameras, with Nex series having won several innovation awards.

I also just noticed the "Who uses R1 these days" thread at the main page of the Sony Talk forum.

With all that said, do you think Sony could (ever) release R2?

So a major upgrade to the R1, whatever the name is. Looking at the specs of R1, the camera was well ahead of it's time, with its 10mpix CMOS and 24mm bright wide angle lens, not to mention the unique body design giving unseen flexibility for shooting in untraditional sight levels, so over the heads of the public, or very close to the ground.

I'd be thrilled by the specs as follows:

  • 24-200mm 1:2.4-4.0, with image stabilization (I realize the extra stop brightness may be out of reasonable size for the lens, considering the dream 10x reach instead of current 5x)

  • 16mp CMOS sensor, essentially the same the Nikon D7000, Sony A580 and others using these days, so able to produce great high ISO images, also therefore able to take Full HD videos)

  • 3,0" 920k LCD, with the same design as it is on R1 now. But why not more traditional "flip out and twist" one, used in several Canon cameras, like 60D. I know that Sony is developing new LCD these days, but it seems these will not be available before 2012. Also, it might add too many numbers to the price tag.

  • Overall speed and response. While R1 was a fast camera of its time, the ability to write RAW was awful. 8 sec with CF cards (card speed did not matter), 3 seconds with MS Pro cards. Obviously, Sony wanted us to buy their brand cards, so used slower controller chips for CF use).

  • Larger buffer (R1 was able to save 3 10mpix high quality JPG-s, so can we talk about any buffer at all?:)

  • Better FPS. 5fps+ is a slow standard these days, so 7fps+ would be nice. (of course, this would be a prosumer camera, so great buffer/fps might be too much of a dream)

  • Smaller hand grip. Even when the dpreview reviewed the camera six years ago, they admitted the grip is "maybe a slightly too large).

  • Better batter life. 1000+ would be nice (R1 approx. 500 images)

  • Double memory card storage, but with not a combination of CF and MS, but SD/MS+SD/MS (many new Sonys have the same slot fitting both SD/MS Duo cards, so it should not be a problem).

  • Better resolution EVF. There are stunning EVF-s available these days.

  • High quality stereo microphone built in (with an option to use external one)

  • GPS unit built in

Maybe even to re-create a body design similar to how the F707/717/828 was? This would be useful to accommodate the large 920k 3" LCD screen.

I'm not dreaming about smiling face detector or white teeth counter, so that kind of bells and whistles could be smoothly excluded (While I understand marketing department needs it).

So for anyone still in love with R1, I'd welcome your thoughts about potential successor of it. Maybe Sony will hear us?:)

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