The entire Canon EF lens range

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Re: I'm about 2 hours away ...

So based on the messages in this thread and the private messages received, the weight of opinion is about 60% believe me, and 40% don't. That's ok, I can live with having the 60% majority support. What does that say about you miserable 40%? Personally, if someone came to this board claiming he had all lenses, I couldn't care less about seeing a picture. I'm not that pedantic. Let's just talk lenses. But you 40% obviously are pedantic. Makes me wonder what your private lives are like?

To the 40%, I'll watch you dig yourselves into a bigger hole with your big mouths, then I'll have one of the Sydney locals post a picture of the lenses at a get together.

To the clown who mocked my comparison of the 135mm f2.0L and the 70-200mm f2.8L IS II, yes it is a zoom lens, we know that, but it is not any ordinary zoom lens. It is possibly the best zoom lens Canon has ever made, so it deserves a special comparison with the 135mm f2.0L. You obviously don't realise this fool. Why? Perhaps if you owned both lenses like I do, you would.

Interesting how 3 private messages pointed out that my 50mm comparison in an earlier post indicated that I probably do own all EF lenses. Thankyou!

Come on you lot. Lighten up and stop being so uptight and take your skirts off.

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