Why Are Larger Pixels on Camera Sensors Better?

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They're not. It's a common myth.

peter ellner wrote:

I understand that larger photosites on a digital camera sensor have benefits such as improved dynamic range and lower noise due to improved light collection...but I can't help but think that maybe having larger photosites isn't better.

Think of it this way, a larger photosite captures more light, yes, but it also captures light from more angles, thus an individual photosite on a large photosite camera sensor will be receiving the light from more places in the scene being photographed than a smaller photosite. Wouldn't having bigger photosites actually lower the resolving power of the sensor then? Do you understand what I'm getting at?

I would think that having very small photosites would be better, as long as they can be efficient, because each photosite will then be more accurate because it will correspond to a more precise part of the scene being photographed. So why are larger photosites better?

Thank you!

If you want to know why, then look no further:


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