Best 13x19 photo printer?

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Re: Best 13x19 photo printer?

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FWIW beware that the Canon Mark II 9500 will not print a full 13x19 photo on art paper it forces a margin along both sides. My reason for choosing the Epson 2880 over the Canon(when I make the plunge). The negative I have with the Epson is the small cartridge size(although they are relitively inexpensive). The epson can be had for $550 after rebate.
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Actually, it will. The Canon Fine Art Museum Etching Paper is made by Hanemuhle, and is sold by them as German Etching Paper. Instead of selecting the Canon Art Paper profile, which does force a 35mm margin, you simply download and use the Hanemuhle profile which does not force the printer to any specified margin.

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