Why Are Larger Pixels on Camera Sensors Better?

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Re: More pixels are better

BobSC wrote:

sacundim wrote:

BobSC wrote:

And the reason Canon reduced the pixel count on the G11 is?

I don't know. Do you, really?

If you look at the results the intent seems pretty clear. Canon chose to reduce the pixel count in order to improve the low light performance ("noise") at the expense of absolute resolution. They decided, that for their target market, fewer pixels = better pictures.

And how do you claim to know this? There are plenty of examples of newer cameras that increased the pixel count and the low light performance at the same time, compared to their predecessors. So I don't see how your argument is any better than either of these:

  1. The decrease in pixel count caused the low-light performance improvement because the low-light performance improvement came at the same time as the decrease in pixel count. (This is the classic "B happened after A, ergo, A caused B" fallacy.)

  2. The fact that the decrease in pixel count came with improved low-light performance lends credence to your prior hypothesis that fewer pixels = better low-light performance. The problem there is that, well, you're ignoring all those other camera upgrades that gave us both more pixels and better low-light performance.

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