P7000 Auto ISO Problem

Started Aug 18, 2011 | Discussions thread
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P7000 Auto ISO Problem

Hi folks,

I've just bought a P7000 as a lightweight 'family day out' camera to avoid me having to lug my DSLR and pro zooms along everywhere with me.

Yes, low light autofocus is pretty poor... but it was expected and I can live with it. If I want to shoot in low light then I think my other camera (D3S) would be a slightly better bet anyway

One thing that I am finding a bit of a pain though is how the Auto ISO settings work. I assumed that these would be pretty much the same as the Nikon DSLRs and the P7000 instruction manual seems to confirm that.

I have High ISO Sensitivity Auto set with a minimum shutter speed specified as 1/30sec. In Aperture Priority Mode the system should cope with falling light levels by maintaining 100 ISO but reducing the shutter speed to maintain correct exposure. Only when the light levels fall so low that the 1/30sec minimum shutter speed is insufficiently long to return the correct exposure should the camera start to increase the ISO above 100.

Why then, with High ISO Sensitivity Auto set with a minimum shutter speed specified as 1/30 sec, is my new P7000 returning exposures with much faster shutter speeds and higher ISO values (e.g. 1/250sec at 1600ISO)?

Is it normal for this camera to bump up the ISO before the shutter speed reaches the minimum value that is set in the ISO menu or do I have a defective camera?

I have tried turning off movement detection and anti-shake without any change in the Auto ISO behaviour... so it is not the anti-shake system that is keeping the shutter speed high.
Have Fun
Photo Pete

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